Chesapeake Utilities Corp.’s Strategy in Natural Gas Expansion

Published Date: 2019/09/10

Through pipeline replacement in Florida and a variety of conversions

"Natural gas distribution customer growth and Sandpiper conversions added $1.1 million in gross margin ..."

"It was a relatively complicated project to put together and we are very happy to report that we're able to acquire a gate-station interconnect from Callahan actually on the Gulfstream pipeline and some pipe that's already interconnected into our distribution system which we will operate through Peninsula Pipeline, providing us another interconnect into the Central Florida gas system."

"… leverage the expanded delivery technology in our ability to deliver compressed natural gas into a couple of different areas."

"One of those would be the liquefied natural gas transportation area and the second would be the renewable natural gas transportation area."

"The opportunities for renewable natural gas align quite well with our commitment to ESG. "

"The original pipeline that move gas up from Duval County through the Peoples Gas System and into Nassau County is obviously still active. This gives us the ability to actually reverse the flow of gas come off of the Southern Natural pipe with a significantly greater volume and pressure than we're able to get through FPT and into the Peoples Duval County system."

"we're seeing now significant opportunities down toward the beach in Delaware to convert a number of our existing CGS propane systems over to natural gas as part of the expansions that we've had in those areas."

"We see significant organic growth occurring in literally every one of our operating areas."

" we are continuing to see growth in our Community Gas Systems both in our legacy service areas as well as we are having opportunities to evaluate projects even outside of our core service territory, because of the relationships that we've built."

"So when you look out our propane business today, there's really -- it's a multipronged growth strategy that's happening within that business as well."

This article draws references from Earnings Intelligence, a service provided by SiteFocus