Earnings Intelligence (EI) - a SaaS from SiteFocus

Businesses driven by advanced analytics are pivoting to new business models in order to keep up with competitions, macro-economic, regulations, supply chains, and consumer preferences. A reliable source for business strategists to find the latest intelligence on business execution is earnings call transcripts. There are over 4800 companies conducting earnings conference calls every quarter. It takes time and resources to transform transcripts into business intelligence. As a result, business organizations constrain their frame of analysis to a handful of earnings calls.

Furthermore, it is difficult for analytics to process these transcripts based on statistical analysis, as many terms and themes are new and non-repetitive. One plausible approach to solve this problem is adept at cutting edge analytics based on Symbolic Logic. SiteFocus has successfully implemented a generic solution for machine to understand the context and semantics of natural language documents. Using this technology together with a fully automated end-to-end streaming network, SiteFocus has created a WEB based platform for business strategists to gain insight into these earnings calls transcripts instantly.

Earnings Intelligence as a service is a search engine that analyzes earnings call transcripts of publicly traded companies in North America. Qualitative data is automatically analyzed for context and relevance. Results of the analysis is accessible by sector, industry, keyword, context, and semantics.

Examples of insight from Earnings Intelligence:

Is Tariff a Real Concern for American Businesses?

While US-China trade deal in on-going, companies have to put strategy in place to avert the effect of tariff on their supply chain, and strategizing their logistic to different parts of the world. There are talks citing Vietnam as the next China, which companies are already taking the lead, and how is their executing strategy? You can find the answer in Earnings Intelligence.


  • An Apparel Retailer’s Strategy for Mitigating the Impact of Tariff
  • Does the China Tariffs Offer a Silver Lining to American Businesses?
  • What is the impact to business when company like Extreme Network moved its manufacturing from China to Taiwan?

    WalMart is a company with high exposure to the China tariff. Yet over a year ago, SiteFocus's AI has identified WalMart as the retailer that is fully prepared to mitigate the tariff impact. EI provides a time series analysis about the journey WalMart embarked onto such transition over serval quarter. It can serve as a good reference for others to follow.

    Earnings Intelligence Identifies Growth Strategy for Consumer Discretionary, Discount, Variety Stores

    If you want to understand the impact of the trade war, agriculture and trade war, look no further than John Deere Company and Caterpillar. There is a lot more than just the trade war. What did they talk about, we give you an instant heads-up.

    Online Ecommerce

    Retailers are rushing to online ecommerce and the last mile delivery. Who are the winners and losers? What makes them different? What strategy set them apart? You can find the answer in Earnings Intelligence.

    Real Estate

    Real estate has been enjoying a bull run. Who are the companies involved in lodging, medical facility, or retail space? Will recession impact this sector? Find out what the executives are saying and their outlook. You can find the answer in Earnings Intelligence.


    With a substantial surge in oil supply, independent operators of oil and gas are facing extreme hardship. At the same time, there is no apparent relief in the horizon. For domestic oil producers, in particular, the Permian driven shale boom is slowing, what is their outlook and how they adjust their cash flow position and production priority to mitigate the shale backlog declines? You can find the answer in Earnings Intelligence.

    Example: Look at Chesapeake Utilities Corp.’s Strategy in Natural Gas Expansion


    If you want to get an instant comparison between Intel and AMD, why one is on the rise while the other is down; what would potentially disrupt this trend? You can find the answer in Earnings Intelligence.

    For major Silicon Valley tech firms, what they get right, and what they get wrong, and why some outlook goes south? You can find the answer in Earnings Intelligence.


  • A Quick Take on Zoom’s growth strategy
  • Earnings Intelligence – DOMO’s issues on growth
  • Financials

    What are the strength and weakness of the major money center banks? How are the mid-size and regional banks find a niche market in loan originations that is different from the money center banks? You can find the answer in Earnings Intelligence.

    At time of interest rate volatility, companies use interest rate derivative as a way to mitigate impact from adverse interest rate movement. To understand how companies are factoring interest rate swap into their strategy, You can find the answer in Earnings Intelligence.

    If you want to find out which of the financial institutions with non-performing assets, such as OREO, and the types of properties are they carrying, You can find the answer in Earnings Intelligence..

    Example: Looking into the business model of FOCUS Financial Partners


    In a sea of advanced medical research on oncology, who is the next unicorn? Find specific company who talks about their patient, clinical trial, and their journey with FDA application, and what to expect in the coming quarter earnings, IE gives you an instant aggregate of reports pertaining to the particular subject, classifies by momentum, challenges, and work-in-progress.

    Search by Sector and Industry

    Earning Intelligence provides an easy user interface that one can use to search companies base by sector and industry with criteria such as market capitalization, momentum, challenge, work-in-program, and trading volume.

    Example: What regional banks are hold non income producing properties such as OREO with market-cap over 1B and 100K+ average daily trading volume?

    Time Series Analysis

    When a company disclosed its multi-year plan and growth strategy, the effectiveness of its execution is reflected in subsequent quarters’ of earnings calls. Earnings Intelligence provides a time series analysis of multi-quarters to view the progression of strategic execution from quarter to quarter.


    A qualitative perspective of Kroger's earnings result over the past two quarters - 2019/06/20 and 2019/09/12